My First Piano Workbook

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This piano workbook contains ten worksheets for younger children. It is meant for beginner students as a supplements when they are learning the new subjects. It contains fun activities while teaching them about the basics of the piano.

The workbook contains the following:

Lesson 1 - The Piano!

Lesson 2 - The Keyboard!

Lesson 3 - Piano Keys!

Lesson 4 - Fingers!

Lesson 5 - Whole and Half Notes!

Lesson 6 - Quarter and Eighth Notes

Lesson 7 - Note Review!

Lesson 8 - The Staff!

Lesson 9 - Treble and Bass!

Lesson 10 - Treble and Bass 2!


This workbook has a small amount of prep work. All you do is bring the pages, cut in half and staple the top left corner.

If you have any questions on this resource or any other product, feel free to message me at or find me on Instagram (bellesmusicworkshop) and message me there. While there, check out pictures or small clips of this and other resources. 


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