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A Student's Practice Notebook...

One of your most powerful tools as a music teacher! 

But this isn't just any common old notebook, it's tweaked with:

  • A Goal Setting page
  • Colourful Countdown Calendar (including Mini-goals to help reach the Big goal)
  • Student Practice Stats Chart for student's self evaluation
  • Weekly Journal pages for tracking progress between lessons
  • Campaign Tracking pages for each main piece
  • Practice tips - to help students at home when they get 'stuck'
  • Parent-Teacher correspondence pages, and more
  • A total of 125 pages in 8 different sections
  • Very useful for distance learning via Skype or Zoom type lessons - helps students to plan out their practice for the week.


Improve learning and motivation, and help your students be ready for music competitions, exams and other performances throughout the year.

With enough weekly journal pages to last for a whole year, both 'task' and 'time' focused, this will help both student and teacher to stay on track in the private music studio. 


BONUS - 20 alternate cover/artwork designs are included, so you can change it up from year to year. These book files will also print in A4 if you prefer this. This Practice Journal is especially recommended for instrumental grades 2 and above. We are currently using it with students up to grade 8 and beyond, and they love it!


Double the VALUE - When you buy this book, we include two PDF versions:

  • The original edition, in full colour - kids love colour!
  • The alternate version - identical in content but cheaper to print as over 100+ pages are black and white only - More economical if printing costs are an issue.

Print it yourself, or take it to Officeworks or a print shop - This PDF file is designed to print as an A5 book, ready to be comb bound and put to use.

Note: The 'Campaign Tracker' section in this book works in tandem with our 'My Own Bag of Practice Tricks' book of practice tips: My Bag of Tricks. You can also check out our Practice Book Bundle - where we offer both the Practice Journal and the original child's Bag of Tricks as a discount package.

Looking for MORE practice resources? 

Check out our NEW Ultimate Practice Kit - triple pack

Be fully equipped to teach solid practice skills to ALL ages!

See inside - Watch the Video PREVIEW... 


Our Music Journal - Take a look at an independent, multi-instrument music teacher's video review:

Studio Licensed - Buy this unique Practice Journal once, per teacher, and print it for all your own personal students, every year, at no extra cost. Music schools will need to buy one digital copy per teacher. (Printing cost may be passed on to the student.)


Teachers may also like our FREE Music Practice To-Do Lists - Purple Theme here - Blue theme here - They work very well alongside this diary!


We especially appreciate 5 star ratings, so if you purchase this product and have any concerns that may lower your rating, please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify any problem!

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