Note Directions on sheet music and piano keys

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Reinforce the directions of piano notes on sheet music compared to the direction of keys on the piano for early-reading students. This hands-on file folder gives students independent time away from the piano to think about how the horizontal up and down of the piano keys relates to the vertical up and down of notes on the page.
Instructions for putting the folder together:
1. Cut out the Title for the folder and glue it into place
2. Cut out both backgrounds and glue them to the inside of the file folder close to the middle crease.
3. Laminate the entire file folder
4. Laminate and cut out the pieces
5. Attach a velcro dot to the back of each piece and stick them into place on the laminated file folder.
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I love file folders because I can send even young students to choose a folder to work on independently while I work individually with another student.  A quick glance at the folder will show you if that student is retaining the information.  My students love these too!  They can put these together faster than filling out theory worksheets and they are reusable. Win win! I use different colored folders for different levels so I know which color to send my students to grab. You could also color-code the file box instead. Be sure to check out my other folders to add to your collection!

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