Note It! (Pre-reading version) A Music Game Inspired by Spot It

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LEVEL Beginner
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This is a game to reinforce concepts for the pre-reading pianists:

Recognizing the names of the white keys, recognizing L.H. vs. R.H. and finger numbers, and recognizing the following symbols: quarter note, half note, dotted half note, whole note, quarter rest, forte, and piano. There are also some friendly music characters that correspond to the letters of the keys: Cadence Cat, Ditty Dog, Elegy Elephant, Forte Frog, Grandma Glissando, Aria and Boogie Woogie Bumble Bee.

Place two cards. Students compete to be the first to call out the matching images on those two cards. In order to keep the cards, they need to name the match correctly by either saying the letter of the key, naming the symbol, naming the character, or saying, for example, "R.H. 3" if there is a hand match. With hundreds of possible pairs of cards, this game will be different each time!

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