NoteStackers Level 6 Digital Edition

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You need your students to learn their Music Alphabet, and fast, and it needs to be interactive...and you need to integrate technology...whew, that's a lot! You've found a great product that rolls the Music Alphabet into a printable, interactive, and digital product all in one! NoteStackers Digital Edition is a new game from ZS Music Publishing where students have to quickly think of how the alphabet moves back and forth. NoteStackers Level 6 uses the notes Low C through High C.

Set up is simple: Just print and play! There are two types of pages in the PDF document: Ink-friendly with a white background, and full-color backgrounds for online lesson use. If you plan to print pages out, lamination is suggested for the longevity of the pages, or you can print multiple pages on a sheet for exit tickets, worksheets, and more! The full-color background pages are great for projecting on whiteboards, online lessons, and other digital uses! This product is reproducible, so you can make as many copies as you wish.

Playing the game is as simple as set up! Each page has a note in the middle, and students must think of the note that comes before and after the given note. Then, the correct note is written into the grey boxes on the left and right sides, along with the note name. You can play this in a private lesson setting, or as a whole class! Since this is a flashcard-type game, you can play this for as long as needed, say for a bell-ringer, or for those last five minutes of the class.

Bonus Gameplay: For a twist on the game, you can have students practice intervals and think of 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, etc instead of 2nds or steps as the game is set up for. This would be a great way for students to learn and practice the circle of 5ths and circle of 4ths.

Be on the lookout for the companion card-game, and future levels of NoteStackers, coming soon!

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