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This One Word project can be used any time of the year, but lends itself well when doing New Years goals with students.

I started choosing “one word” 2-3 years ago instead of individual resolutions that would be forgotten. It has made a huge difference in my life. Choosing one word has simplified how I go about accomplishing individual goals and living my life. 

Because this has made a positive impact on me, I decided to take this concept and have my students choose one word that will help them in their music studies for the year. This resource will help you do the same. 

Included (click preview for a closer look):

  • Supplemental resource list which includes videos you can share with students.
  • Sample lesson plan using included and supplemental resources.
  • Slides to help explain to students how to choose one word. (PDF and PPT)
  • Word search of 25 words to help inspire in choosing their one word. (answer key included)
  • One Word “poster” where they can creatively draw/color their one word. (5 different options)
  • One Word Reflection worksheet with questions to think about as they ponder a word to choose.
  • One Word Ideas worksheet with questions to help narrow down a final word.
  • One Word worksheet with questions to help with ownership of the word they chose.
  • One Word Post Reflection to reflect on how choosing a word helped during the year.
  • Look In, Look Out, Look Up Poster reminding students what these words mean in relation to finding and living their one word.
  • Flag Banners that spell- Look In, Look Up, Look Out, Prepare, Discover, Live, One Word To Inspire Project (put together any word combinations you would like)

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