Penni’s Shamrock Board Game

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Enjoy this cute St. Patrick’s Day Themed Board Game to reinforce chords, scales keys, rhythm (and more…!) Help Penni the Penguin get to her friends Peanut and Polar Bear Junior! ??

Game Directions:

If students land on a shamrock that has a chord symbol, they must correctly play that chord*. If students land on a shamrock that has a rhythm symbol, they must correctly play,  clap or tap a rhythm strip card. If students land on a four leaf clover, they must complete the task of a four leaf clover card! If students land on the repeat sign, the go back to the start. The first one to help Penni reach her friends wins!

*You may adapt the game to the student’s level. If chords are too easy, you can have them play a scale, or write out key signatures… Rhythm cards can be more complex to match your student’s level. Use the blank cards to adapt it even more!

Printing Directions:

  • Print pages on regular white paper (8×11.5)
  • Print Penni’s Shamrock Board Game
  • Print the Four Leaf Clover cards, flip the papers and print the “background” on the other side.
  • Laminate everything as desired

Materials Needed:

  • Penni’s Shamrock Board Game
  • Dice, or dice app (or you can get creative and use interval cards to move forward on the board, or a dice with hands to reinforce finger numbers)
  • A set of rhythm cards (either your own, or my own rhythm strips in 3/4 or 4/4)
  • Fun game pieces (either gold chocolate coins, or other holiday themed pawns)


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