Piano Hand Fingers Clefs Glove Match

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Matching up Right Hand with Treble Clef, Left Hand with Bass Clef and Recognizing finger numbers are important things to distinguish for beginners!  This is a game that will help sort all of that out in a fun way!  

First, have your student choose a glove and say it out loud:  Example "R.H. 3" (I have them slap their R.H. onto the card to reinforce which is their Right Hand). Then they will tell you which clef they are looking for to match with.  They will say "Treble Clef 3" as they find that card.  When they have found a match, they flip the cards over.  If the fun colorful paper on the back of gloves match, they know they got it correct!  I give my students chunky colorful clothespins to put their match together with.  They love this.  They keep collecting colorful pairs of gloves until they are all gone.  The student with the most pairs at the end of the game wins!  

INSTRUCTIONS:  Print on cardstock double-sided.  If you laminate the cards, they should last for years!

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