Lesson/Practice Checklist by JudisPiano

Lesson/Practice Checklist by JudisPiano

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Students learn effective practice habits with this visual planner for both lesson time and at home!

This checklist is helpful for students who benefit from a very specific routine in their lessons.  It is equally useful for students who want some autonomy and variety in their lessons.  

In the piano studio, I use one laminated copy of this checklist all day long.  The students check each item off with a dry erase marker as we go - in the order THEY choose.  (except the free choice is always last)  Just erase between students and you're ready for the next.  

I also place a laminated copy in the folders of my younger students, who check off the items each day in their home practice.  At the next lesson we review the (messy!) checklist, talk about strengths and opportunities for improvement, then erase and do it again.

This checklist can be personalized for your studio, message me for details.

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