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A great incentive and reward system. Your students can earn piano points by practicing, being on time, bringing all their resources, beating their Note Rush time, or anything you want to reward them with! They can use these to purchase small prizes, a few minutes of ipad music game time, or whatever else you would like to put in place in your studio. 

I designed these and sized them according to magnetic tins that I find at the dollar store and Walmart - see pictures. Back-to-school supplies time is when I found these at Walmart. I have also purchased them online through a dollar store.  Stock up when you find them!  The first PDF is editable so you can quickly type your students' names into it.  The circles are just the right size to laminate and cut out so you can pop them into the lids of the tins.  Line the name up with the clear film inside of the lid and slide your thumbnail around the circle until the name pop right into the tiny space between the clear film and the tin of the lid. Piano points can be stored in the jar. 

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