Pool Party | Note Reading & Rhythms Game

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Do you want to add some summer fun into your studio? Check out 'Pool Party'! 


Picture the scene: It's a sunny day and your student who normally loves their lessons is fidgeting and looking longingly outside. She's finding it hard to concentrate because it's so warm, and you're finding it difficult to engage her in playing her piece or doing anything musically productive. This is when Pool Party comes in handy! 


'Pool Party' isn't a quick game - there are different elements that make this game suitable for a whole lesson. 


The overall aim is to collect your sunglassesflipflops, and ice cream, then make your way to the pool for the pool party. 


BUT you can only collect each item after you've completed a musical challenge. 


Collect your pair of sunglasses from the clothes shop
When you're there, you then choose a note reading sentence card and read the entire sentence (filling in the gaps by reading the notes and working out the word they spell)
Then, and only then, can you choose which pair of sunglasses you want to add into your bag. 


Collect your pair of flip flops from the shoe shop
When you're there, the teacher secretly chooses a question to clap. You then work out which question they've clapped, by following the rhythm on the page. You then find the correct answer on the answer page and clap it. 

When you have correctly clapped the answer, you can then choose the pair of flip flops to add into your bag.  

Collect your ice cream from the ice cream shop 
When you're there, choose a sight reading card, and play the melody on it. When you have played it correctly, you can then choose your ice cream to add into your bag (and don't worry, it's magic ice cream that won't melt until you eat it!) Alternatively, you can play a section of the piece you're currently working on!
Each melody is a well-known piece. If you can say the title, you get an extra turn! 

When you have your three items in your bag, make your way to the pool.
First player to reach the pool with all their items is the winner. 

Watch out for the pineapple spaces - they will make you lose a turn!

But try and land on a flamingo space - they will give you an extra turn!


Items can be collected in any order.

Players start on the sun in the middle and then move in any direction around the board. 



If you have a student who's working on a piece but is having a day of 'I don't want to play it more than once' then Pool Party can be used as a subtle encouragement.
Instead of having different musical challenges for each shop, in order to collect their item they have to play their piece (or a certain element of the piece for certain shops) 

There are four bags and four choices for each challenge, so Pool Party can also be used with small groups or siblings. 

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