Practice Hero - A game to make music practice fun and effective!

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
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Do you ever wonder what your students are actually doing in their practice at home? Do you wish they would mix it up a bit? Enter: Practice Hero!
These game boards are designed to be used over a week of practice to make practice time more engaging, and also more efficient as students will be performing focused practice tasks.
Several instruction options are given below – choose the one that fits your style and the situation at hand!
How to Play
Method 1:
  • Roll the die each day and move forward.
  • Do this exercise for all your assignments.
  • Try to make it to the end of the board before the next lesson.
Method 2:
  • Put a game counter (eraser, button, etc.) for each one of your assignments on the start spot.
  • Roll the die each day for each assignment.
  • Move that counter forward and complete that task for that piece/scale.
  • Try to get all of the game tokens to the end of the board before the next lesson.
Method 3:
  • Use the board for one specific piece.
  • Place a game counter on the start here space and move him forward one space at a time, completing each practice task as you go.
  • Try to make it to the end of the board before the next lesson.
To assemble this game:
  • Print out all or some of the game boards.
  • Pages 3-4 = game board 1
  • Pages 5-6 = game board 2
  • Pages 7-8 = game board 3
  • Pages 9-14 = blank versions of each game board. Use these blank game boards to create customised practice tasks to suit you and your students.
  • Trim along the dotted lines, laminate if desired and tape together.
  • You will also need game counters (erasers, buttons, small toys, etc.) and a die.
Learning Objectives
The idea of Practice Hero is not just to gamify practice, but also to make it more effective by varying the tasks. When practising differently each day, students will learn their pieces more thoroughly and enjoy their practice more.
  • Theory Concepts Covered: Practice strategies
  • Student Level: Any level
  • Activity type: Board game
  • Number of players: 1 player
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