Preschool Doggie Tales for Piano - Marshall's Big Day - Notereading, Stories and Practice for Preschoolers

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LEVEL Preschool
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DoggieTales for Piano is a set of fun musical stories meant to entertain preschoolers while reiterating reading skills. These books use finger number and rhythmic notation, and gradually integrate alpha notation.
This series is built to correlate with preschool piano method books such as Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers, Faber’s My First Piano Adventures, or Alfred’s Music for Little Mozarts. Each method book series works well for preschool-age kids when they are ready to learn something new, but what about when they aren’t? Very young children constantly need new material and activities to stay engaged, but often aren’t ready for the next step in a lesson book.

Marshall's Big Day, the first book in the series, follows the Labrador Marshall as he follows his big sister through her basketball-filled day. Young students will enjoy the story and illustrations as they practice sight-reading and playing on the black keys.
Book 1 Skills - Practice with pre-reader finger number and rhythmic notation, playing one hand at a time, on two black keys.

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