Quirky Birds & Puppy Dogs Board Game - Reinforce Stem Direction

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This beginner piano game will help beginner/late beginner piano students understand stem direction. 


Do your beginner piano students get confused when it comes to stem placement on notes? Do they struggle when it comes to the stem being on the right side or the left side of the note head?

Puppy dogs and quirky birds is your answer!

I like to show my students that notes should resemble p’s and d’s (Puppy Dogs) and they should never look like q’s and b’s (Quirky Birds).  


With this digital download, you will receive a 6-page pdf that includes instructions, a 1-page gameboard, 16 playing cards, optional playing card backings.

How it works:

Students flip over a card and answer if the stem is on the correct side of the note head.

If they are correct, they proceed on the gameboard, if they are incorrect, they move backwards.

This game can be played within the last few minutes of class.


This resource includes:

  • Instructions

  • 1-page gameboard

  • 16 playing cards

  • optional playing card backings



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I’m so glad you stopped by my store and checked out this resource! Visit my store 


❤️ Tara Wright, Melodic Mentors

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