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Do your students find rhythm and duration challenging?  Do they have trouble 'feeling' the rhythm, and struggle to get it right?

Duration and Rhythm are abstract and difficult concepts for students - they use a symbol to represent a time value, and it can be hard for students to connect the two.  Essentially, they need to build up a vocabulary of rhythm patterns that they can immediately recognise...but drill is boring, right?  NOT any more!  With this board game extension kit you can make it LOTS of FUN...less abstract and much more concrete!



  • Useful with all student levels - Beginner - Elementary - Intermediate
  • Flexible game style – you allocate which notes, time signatures, rests, ties, and rhythms each player uses – Every student works at their own level.
  • ‘CHANCE Cards’ challenge students to process ‘music maths’, and see the relationships between notes of different duration – get the questions right and they can zoom ahead on the game board!
  • ‘CATastrophe Cards’ add an element of risk… and extend game play to increase learning
  • Includes BOTH the US and UK terminology
  • This extension pack includes: Game board, Game rules & Set up instructions, CHANCE cards, and CATastrophe cards – But don’t forget to get the separate set of Spatial Note Cards to have a complete game set
  • Print and PLAY!  All the prep work is done.

This 'Rhythm Builder WORKSPACE' Booklet is designed to be used with our Building Blocks Spatial Note Cards set (click to view)

This item is also available in our RHYTHM BUILDER Complete Bundle

Print it yourself, or take it to a print shop.  All the PDF files are in a ready-to-print format – Printing & assembly instructions are all included.

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