Scale and Key Bundle

Scale and Key Bundle

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Complete your students' understanding of scale and key with these 3 interactive resources (also available separately)

Demonstration videos available at this YouTube playlist.

Printing recommendation: Print each resource individually to ensure proper scaling: the Solfa Slider needs to be printed actual size, while the others may need to be scaled to fit within the printable area.


Note Team Builder
Ever have a student struggle to understand why some notes become sharp or flat in different key signatures? Let them discover the answer for themselves using this hands-on, interactive game.

How to play: 
Team Stickey
TM needs your help! Help the 7 players decide who needs to move to keep a valid Note TeamTM formation.

  • Spin the solfa wheel to show 7 circles on the pitch wheel.
  • Start each player on his assigned absolute pitch, then move the players one position clockwise (and change to sharp) or counterclockwise (and change to flat) as needed to fill the solfa positions.
  • Once all the positions are filled, you have your Note Team! The player on do is the name of the major key; the player on la is the name of the minor key.
Solfa Slider

Use the Solfa Slider to apply the Note Team Builder to the piano! 

  1. After building your Note Team, find the note name of the character on do.
  2. Position the Solfa Slider so that do is behind a piano key that plays that note.
  3. Play the scale for your Note Team by playing every key in a solfa position. Start on do for major scales; la for natural minor scales.

Zig-Zag of Fifths Manipulative
No need to memorize the order of sharps or flats in a key signature! Simply arrange the group of 3 characters (CDE) above the group of 4 (FGAB), then zig-zag your way through to add sharps or flats.

Mix & match option - The wedges from the Note Team Builder game can be swapped with the wedges from the Zigzag of Fifths Manipulative Activity. Play with the wedges you prefer - note letter names or characters.

* The Zigzag of Fifths and The Note Team Builder with Solfa Slider are now available as apps! *
>> Get the Zigzag of Fifths app on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Amazon Appstore.
>>Get the Scale and SticKey music theory app on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Amazon Appstore. *

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