Secret Agents - PDF

Secret Agents - PDF

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
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Nostalgic spy groove 

Adapted from a section of Sowash's evening-length ballet, Whodunit?, everyone enjoys the retro spy vibe in this short pithy piece. But Boomers, in particular, click with the covert references to 1960's TV spy show themes thinking to themselves, "Hmmm, I almost recognize that bit."

Technique/Level: In addition to savoring the delicious jazz chords herein, late intermediate pianists will relish the challenge of changing gears quickly through fast changing patterns.

Pages: 3 with cover
Level: Late intermediate
Playing time: About 1 minute
License: Buyer is authorized to make up to 10 copies.

Review: “That pastiche of spy tunes - Bond, Pink Panther, etc. - is absolutely brilliant! No exaggeration. I mean it. It builds a serious piece of music, a legitimate piece of music, extending an existing tradition that listeners can tap into because they have a memory of it. Anyway, high praise for your short piece. It’s also very effective in its structure … economical in the extreme and yet just enough. It has closure and leaves you neither wanting more nor feeling that it ended too soon. And that is no small accomplishment. In that respect, it is like one of Bach’s two-part inventions.” — Richard

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