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Originally written for jazz vocal students, this revolutionary, step-by-step and enjoyable chordal accompaniment piano course with exercises and well known jazz songs, is suitable for anyone wishing to learn to play attractive accompaniment to their own singing of contemporary repertoire. It includes PLAY ALONG TRACKS for every step of the journey, and these are inserted in the package in the form of USB card and/or 3 CDs. The method is unique in that it trains jazz singers, or other non-piano-playing musicians, to easily find their way around the piano keyboard with a sense of familiarity, while playing a basic accompaniment that sounds musical and jazz-like. The course contains exercises that have proven to be quite meditative in their style, while building a firm foundation for the singer to easily find chords. The method also assists in training the ear, and provides a strong theoretical understanding without being overly academic or intimidating. The method has been tried and tested over years of tertiary jazz teaching by the author.


“My goal is to provide a method of playing basic jazz-style accompaniment for piano, starting from a very simple foundation and then building on that as the course progresses; rather than teaching a series of triads and difficult 4-note chord voicings and moving in a linear process, my method builds upwards, and maintains a musical sounding effect from the beginning.” - Sharny Russell.


“…a clear, practical approach…. Sharny gets you playing right away! And that is a beautiful thing!” (Louise Denson, pianist, composer, senior lecturer in jazz, Queensland Conservatorium)


“… I’m excited to get stuck into this course and I know that I’m in good hands with Sharny at the helm.” (Emma Pask, jazz singer)






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