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"Something Beautiful" - from The Backyard Suite

Something Beautiful is a lyrical and peaceful piece that was inspired by an experience I had one summer when I lost movement in my left hand for a few weeks. I sat feeling very discouraged one day and then suddenly realized the incredible nature that surrounded me. The words “God always sends something beautiful” came to my mind and I was filled with great comfort. I wrote this piece when movement began to return in my hand, and it is a reminder to me that even in our hard trials we can always find something beautiful.

Listen Here:

  • Format: PDF Instant Download
  • Pages: 2 Pages and Cover Art
  • Level: Advanced
  • Terms of Use: Studio License
  • Bonus: 11'' x 17'' PDF for printing folded music sheets which students and pianists love.

Composer's Notes:

Inspired by the beautiful world that surrounds us, “The Backyard Suite" is a collection of advanced piano solos that depict the small wonders that are found in our own backyards.

I would love to hear about your personal experience with this piece of music.

From my hands to yours, Enjoy!

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