Sounds of the Spooky Season Multi-Level Piano Solos

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

Ready for the Sounds of Spooky Season? Your students will enjoy these pieces in this Multi-Level Piano Solo Book. In this series, you will find two primer songs, one with a duet, two late elementary songs, and an intermediate piece. Included in Sounds of the Spooky Season are: 
  • Page 3: A Witch’s Cackle - Primer Level
  • Page 4: Spooky Side-Step with Duet - Primer Level
  • Page 6: Spooky Side-Step - Late Elementary Version
  • Page 8: Here Comes the Haunt - Intermediate Level
  • Page 10: Stumbling Scarecrow - Late Elementary Level
Zachary Seckman is an up-and-coming music teacher, composer, author, and conductor. He primarily teaches from his studio in Kansas on Piano, Drums and Percussion, Ukulele, and kids bands. When he is not teaching, Seckman is busy with composing and arranging music, conducting local community choirs, cooking, and playing video games.
ZSMP is the composing and publishing arm of Seckman Music Studio in Wichita, KS. ZSMP specializes in Piano, Percussion, Vocal and Choral music. From ZSMP, you may find solo and ensemble music, method series for Piano, Percussion, and Drums, along with teaching aids and manipulatives for the studio. ZSMP also works with studios and teachers to create customized methods and curriculum series tailored just for their needs.
Thank you for downloading this song book and supporting a small business! You are welcome to use this book for yourself, but you may not duplicate any portion of the book without the written permission from the composer. You are more than welcome to direct others  to buy their own copy of the book.

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