'Irish Jig' Composition Activity – Elementary Level

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LEVEL Late Beginner
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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this fun Composition project!

Writing music is a cool way to help students learn and process music, and master basic music theory. This seasonal activity pack is pedagogically sound, with lots of musical fun – It will get your elementary students:

  • Playing around, improvising on the keyboard
  • Composing a 2 bar repeating melody, to fit into a whole one page piece
  • Learning about and ‘feeling’ 3/4 time and basic rhythms
  • Experiencing the key of D minor
  • Reading and writing crotchets and minims
  • Reinforcing note reading and writing from the F below middle C up to the A above middle C

Suitable for students with early to late elementary level keyboard skills – each hand covers only 5 notes, without changing hand position.

This project pack includes 2 versions – One version is suitable to use any time of the year, and the second version has artwork especially geared to celebrating St Patrick’s Day, to use seasonally.

Get your students composing and thinking creatively!

Studio Licence:- Buy once and print for all your own students, that you personally teach, for a lifetime.  (Studios with multiple teachers will need to purchase a digital copy for every teacher using this project.)


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