Stand On My Shoulders! A Lesson in Inversions

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Chord Inversions can be a complicated concept for music students to understand. It is my goal through this game to help our students gain an understanding how chord inversions work, easily recognize inversions, and most importantly, be able to use this knowledge in the performance of their music.

Stand on My Shoulders! A Lesson in Inversions is THREE (3) Games in One. Choose the game that will benefit YOUR students the most.

Game #1. A classic “Go Fish” card game where the object is to collect 3 cares of the same chord.

Game #2. A Matching Game where the student music organize a shuffled deck of the Chord Inversion Cards.

Game #3. The “Board Game”. Roll the dice and move around the game board identifying the chord inversions and being surprised by the Fun “Fruit” Trivia cards!

PDF Download includes detailed directions for all 3 games. 30 Chord Inversion Flashcards and Chord Placecards.

*C, G, F, D, B flat, A Major Chords and a, g, f minor chords are included.

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