Steps and Skips File Folder Activity

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Reinforce reading by intervals with this file folder. Your student must pause to figure out whether the notes are skipping up, skipping down, stepping up, or stepping down. Then they simply attach the correct character under or over the note by velcro. I have also included enlarged pictures to use as manipulatives on a floor keyboard or staff. You can laminate them and play games with them. Ideas: put a small stuffed animal on the floor keyboard and let your student draw a card. They say what is on the card (for example "Step up") and then move the animal accordingly on the staff or keyboard. Another way to play is to have two items. One item is trying to get to the other item. Let's say it's a mouse and cheese. Place the cheese on a keyboard or staff and have your student choose the correct card that will help the mouse get to the cheese.  Repeat play with one or more students until the mouse reaches the cheese.

Directions for assembling file folder:

1. Cut out the two different staves separately. Glue one on each side of the inside of your file folder.
2. Write "Steps and Skips" on the tab of your file folder
3. Laminate the entire folder
4. Cut out and laminate all the stepping and skipping pieces (there are extras of the small ones)
5. Cut out the laminated pieces and attach velcro to the backs
6. Velcro the pieces above or below the staff where they can lie closest to the noteheads. I like to use velcro dots.  Don't velcro one under or over the first note - start with the second note and continue.
7. You can package tape an envelope to the folder for storing pieces or add extra velcro on a blank space on the folder to attach scrambled pieces to between turns.  I personally just leave them stored in their correct location and have students remove them, shuffle them around and then reapply them.

I love file folders because I can send even young students to choose a folder to work on independently while I work individually with another student.  A quick glance at the folder will show you if that student is retaining the information.  My students love these too!  They can put these together faster than filling out theory worksheets and they are reusable.  Win win!   I use different colored folders for different levels so I know which color to send my students to grab.  Be sure to check out my other folders to add to your collection!

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