Tempo Galaxy: a music incentive program

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Journey through the Tempo Galaxy sending students on missions and stamping their passport as they move from planet to planet!

Starting at Planet Lento, students aim for the final and fastest destination in the galaxy, Planet Presto, as they complete missions based on many aspects of learning music. This incentive program is flexible and a great way to encourage students to make progress on their instrument!

After purchase you will receive a downloadable zip file full of illustrated resources to help you deliver a personalised program for your own music studio.

  • Planet Wall Posters: pin these up in your studio and move students through the Tempo Galaxy as they earn points. The six posters are bright and fun and are a great visual reminder of how far everyone has travelled. Students are inspired and motivated along the journey as they watch others reach each planet!
  • Mission Logssend students on missions using the included templates. Either base your missions on a theme (like scales, sight-reading or music practice for example) or pick a general mix of music activities. There are colouring charts and a diary template for music practice as well as a scale and sight-reading chart.
  • Mission Posters: pin these posters up in your studio so all your students can see who is on the same mission as them and how far they have got. The general mission poster is useful for adding your own missions which students can pick from.
  • Mission Cards: cut these planet and rocket themed cards out, write your own missions on them and put in a box or tin for students to pick one from. There is also a set of pre-filled cards with ideas for learning scales.
  • Alien in Space Mission Game: a fun printable board game. Can the student reach the finish line before the teacher does? If so they earn points to add to their overall Tempo Galaxy total score.
  • Student Passportkeep a record of missions and points in the passport to track progress – your student ends up with a keepsake of their journey. Pages include a colourful boarding pass, galaxy overview chart, a passport stamp page for when they reach a new planet (stamp templates included elsewhere in the pack), a points log chart, a mission log using rocket illustrations, and a sticker log to award points (sticker templates included).
  • Certificateany student who completes the challenge and makes it to Planet Presto, earns the printable certificate.
  • Leaderboard: there is also an optional leaderboard template for extra motivational fun!
  • Passport Stamps and Sticker Templates: cut out the colourful stamps to glue to the passport every time a student reaches a new planet and do the same with the space stickers when points are earnt.

There are also a few bonus resources in the pack.

  • BONUS thirty piece challengethis colourful chart and wall poster is an added extra for those teachers who would like to use this type of challenge as a mission. Award points when students learn a piece and consider a big points prize when all tunes have been mastered.
  • BONUS 'Coming Soon' images: ideal for getting students excited about playing Tempo Galaxy, add to your social media or teaching blog pages. Includes one 'Coming Soon' poster plus five images with a countdown from day five to one.
  • BONUS ‘Mission Control’ digital resourcedownload Mission Control to your computer and check out the fun mission tasks. Play Planet Rescue or Spin the Alien to earn points. Please note that Mission Control has been designed for Windows computers (it will not open on a tablet or smartphone) and will not always work on an Apple computer (depends on your security settings). This is why it has been included as a bonus extra.

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