Tempo marks game for beginner music students - Need for Speed

Tempo marks game for beginner music students - Need for Speed

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LEVEL Late Beginner
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With this game, you’ll feel the need…the Need for Speed! By associating those unfamiliar Italian tempo words with a race track, your students will quickly figure out which tempo allows them to go faster.

After all, would you rather your race car move at a Lento, a Moderato, or a Vivace pace? I’ll take Presto, please!

How to Play

  • Remove any tempo marks you don't want from the card deck and place the board and cards in the middle of the players.
  • Place a game counter for each player on the yellow circle of arrows at the start of the road.
  • Players take turns to draw a card and move forward as follows:
    • Largo = one step
    • Lento = one step
    • Adagio = two steps
    • Andante = roll one die + 1
    • Moderato = roll one die + 3
    • Allegretto = roll 2 dice
    • Allegro = roll 2 dice + 2
    • Vivace = roll 2 dice + 4
    • Presto = roll 2 dice and double it!
  • The winner is the first to go off the end of the road on the other side of the board.


To assemble this game:

  • Print out the game board (pages 3–6). Trim along the dotted lines, laminate if desired and tape the board pieces together.
  • Print out the game cards (pages 7-12) double-sided. Trim along the dotted lines.
  • You will also need a game counter for each player (button, eraser, small toy, etc.) and 2 dice.

Learning Objectives

This adaptable game will give your students an opportunity to review tempo marks and how they relate to each other.

  • Theory Concepts Covered: Tempo marks
  • Student Level: Late beginner and up
  • Activity type: Board game
  • Number of players: 2-8 players
  • Seasonal: Not season specific


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