The Big Book of Diatonic Triad Diagrams

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This book is the perfect tool to make composing and improvising easier... for you or your students!

This book makes it so easy to select triads and create chord progressions that actually sound good, in both major and minor keys!

What could you do if you knew exactly which chords sound good together?

Would you create your own music to:

  • Express yourself?
  • Process your emotions?
  • Relax after a long day of work?
  • Satisfy your creative drive?
  • Keep your mind sharp?

Maybe you (or your students!) have tried creating your own music before, but you've been frustrated because all the resources you come across provide diagrams for all the chords, but no direction on how to use them!

So you end up with more questions than answers!

  • Which triads sound good together?
  • Which ones are important?
  • Which ones are more commonly used, and which ones is it ok to ignore for now?

That's what makes this book different from all the other chord diagram books out there!

It's not just a collection of triad diagrams... it's a collection of triad diagrams, sorted diatonically by key!

Which means that on each page, you'll find all the diatonic triads that are diatonic to a specific key... and no other chords to distract you!

Are you (and your students!) ready to start creating your own music today?

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