The Dynamic Practice System

The Dynamic Practice System

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One of the problems faced by musicians universally is having more to things practice than there are hours to practice, and the longer we have been learning for the more we accumulate. This can result in an overwhelming number of things to work on.

In a best case scenario we are working on a few items consistently and making good progress while other areas (usually the ones we aren't as interested in) are neglected or never quite gotten around to. The alternative (and all too common) worst case scenario is we just start avoiding practice altogether.

The Dynamic Practice System offers a solution to allow students of all levels to organise their practice in a way that allows them to cover everything they need to practice within the time that they are willing to allocate to their music practice. It puts the student in control of their routine, helps reduce overwhelm and will help you make much more consistent progress in your musical development.

This eBook includes

  • an introduction to the Dynamic Practice System
  • easy, intermediate and advanced applications of the Dynamic Practice System
  • printable planning sheets for you to fill out
  • example practice routines.

While this has been created with guitar students in mind it is applicable to all instruments, other areas of learning and skill development and even your gym routine!

If you're a student who struggles with organising practice and is regularly overwhelmed, or a teacher that wants their student to get more out of the same or even less practice time, then the Dynamic Practice System is for you!

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