The Paizley Palette - First Songs in the Key of C, by JudisPiano

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LEVEL Beginner
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The Yes, You Can! Series is designed to grow with your students as they grow.  Your music purchase 
includes 3 levels.  Each new level adds musical depth to the previous leveled piece and requires 
greater skill.

FIRST SONGS IN THE KEY OF C is a supplemental series written specifically for the middle school 
beginner who shows up to the first piano lesson with some music background, might be in band or 
chorus, maybe is self-teaching songs from YouTube demos, yet would still be considered pre-reading 
and often needs a less-traditional approach to their music education. Your music can be printed and 
presented to your student as 3 separate songs for less visual overwhelm - start with just the cover 
and page one.  When that's conquered, celebrate and level up - which is the same song, with a 
couple of new skills added in. Master the second piece, and level up to the grand finale.

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