The ‘Piano Scales Detective’ SHAKEDOWN!

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Make piano scales EASY to learn, and FUN to master, with our comprehensive Scales Shakedown Bingo Game.  Morph your students’ scales drill into something stimulating and engaging, with a bundle of UNIQUE bingo game boards and sixty-six quirky challenges! 

Great for all ages and stages - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels. This ‘Scales Shakedown’ Game Set give you a BIG bundle of practice tricks & strategies, to help students happily drill & MASTER their scales!

This Complete Set Features:

  • The 'Scales Shakedown' Games for ALL Major & Minor keys – Including THREE types of minor scales: Harmonic, Melodic & Natural minor
  • THREE different gaming levels take students from the easy Elementary level, through Intermediate levels, to the finger-twisting-fun Advancing level - All included here!
  • Level 1 – Easy:  With 48 Scales Bingo boards, and 16 different Challenge Cards. This level is mostly hands separate, with fun scale challenges designed to help students to master the note patterns and fingerings before moving on
  • Level 2 – Early Intermediate:  With 48 more Scales Bingo boards, and 25 NEW Challenges.  This level includes plenty of 'tricks' for hands together and in contrary motion, for developing pianists
  • Level 3 – Late Intermediate to Advanced:  With 48 more Scales Bingo Boards, and 25 new & different Challenges  This degree of challenge for this level is increased to include lots of quirky tricks and twists – Great for keeping late intermediate through to advanced students engaged with their technical work!
  • The ‘Shakedown Games’ work well alongside the ‘Scales Detective Pictorial Worksheets’ – which are also included here.  These worksheets make scale patterns and their unique fingerings MEMORABLE and engaging... What better way for kids to learn scales than to colour-code the note & finger patterns for themselves?  How practical!
  • Each game level also includes a unique, colourful Leader Board, allowing you to easily run a STUDIO ‘Scales CHALLENGE' – Build motivation to encourage all to achieve their own personal best!
  • A Personal Best Chart is also included in this kit - Help students take responsibility for their own learning and build a 'growth mindset', by letting them track their own progress with their own ‘Personal Best Chart’ 
  • Designed to be compatible with the scales requirements of most piano exam syllabi, from early to advanced grades - What a fun way to prepare for exams!
  • Suits both one-on-one tuition and group class lessons!

Take a look through the pictures to see samples of each item included here.

Why teach scales?  Scales mastery is so important, as it leads to improved technique and fluency on piano, a good tactile memory of the ‘geography’ or 'feel' of each key, and a better understanding of note intervals/patterns - the building blocks of music theory.

Prefer to get each set individually?  Find them here:
'Scales Shakedown Game' - Level 1:  Beginner to Elementary 
'Scales Shakedown Game' - Level 2:  Elementary to Intermediate
'Scales Shakedown Game' - Level 3: Late Intermediate to Advanced
Scales Detective Pictorial Worksheets Bundle

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