Unicorns and Stars | Treble Clef Note Recognition Game

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Your beginner students will love this cute unicorn themed game! 

Players identify the note on the card and move to the next space with the corresponding letter (for example if the note is a C they move to the next space along marked with a C)

If a player lands on a unicorn, they move up (like a ladder in Snakes and Ladders) to the space with a moon. If they land on a big star, they follow the trail of stars down (like a snake in Snakes and Ladders) 

The winner is whoever reaches the end first. 

Note Recognition Cards
This game uses treble clef notes from Middle C to the C an octave above. 
The notes are presented as semibreves (whole notes), minims (half notes), and crotchets (quarter notes) to help students get used to how the same pitch note can look different depending on how many beats it is worth. 

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