Vanishing Voices Practice Incentive Theme

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The year is 1400, but hold on tight because it won't be for long! In this fast-paced adventure students will find themselves traveling through time as they race against the clock to collect as many composers as possible for their portfolio. Time advances at the rate of 20 years per week while students earn travel miles for practicing and completing assignments. With each week's hard-earned Muscle Miles, Memory Miles, Mental Miles, Meter Miles, Music Miles, and lots of options for Bonus Miles they can fly around the world visiting the birthplaces of famous composers from the past six centuries...before they run out of time!

Package Includes: PDF and Word Doc versions of student assignment books; studio wall map and timeline; student airplane markers; composer gallery portraits; studio photos; and teacher instructions.


"I am a fan of these studio incentives! We have loved “Vanishing Voices” this year." ~Cheryl R.

"I purchased your Vanishing Voices practice incentive. I just wanted to thank you for giving me some added interest to my lesson year. The kids enjoyed earning points to see where they could go, and they each studied a specific composer for their recital. In addition, they became composers themselves, and each wrote a song. It added structure, enthusiasm, and some needed motivation for all of us! Keep up the good work! I’ll definitely be purchasing one again next year!" ~Becky F.

"Vanishing Voices was so worthwhile to acquaint them with composers and collect those travel miles. It’s so great when a student comes to the lesson and talks about their accomplishments and goals, even without me asking. I’m so appreciative of you sharing these resources!" ~Sylvia C.

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