Wizard Themed Piano Teacher Resource Bundle

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Welcome to Kroonwarts(insert your name choice here) Piano Studio of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Sort your students into one of the 4 houses: HuffleNote, RavenClef, GriffinStaff or SlytheRhythm! And get ready for the most fun and enjoyable lesson season yet! 
This is any Piano Teachers dream bundle! It is a wizard themed package of fun learning that is sure to get your students engaged! It's good for a season of lessons! 
It has 25 theory worksheets all themed for the 8 different 'classes' which are: 
Defense Against Wrong Notes
Muggle Composer Studies
Musical Arithmancy
Owlery Notes
Piano Potions
Rockin' Astrology
Step Divination
Time Transfiguration
Each class has AT LEAST 2 theory worksheets, some have 4! Worksheets range from time signatures, rhythm, notes, composers and more! It also includes a music-marauders map with each class listed and a marker for each student to move from class to class as they complete their theory worksheets.
Also included are:
--2 games, Filch and Mrs Norris Step Race and Practice Piano Potions
--2 incentive challenges, Catch the Snitch and House Cup Competition, these last 4-6 months each, you decide! 
--Materials for House Sorting
--An Invitation Letter template
--A piano notebook themed cover
--A themed sticker/rewards page
--House Crests
--A School Crest
--Time Turners
--and more!

Over 60 pages of downloadable content! Also included, though not in the page count, is a detailed informational letter of how each item was used in my studio. So, it's easy peasy to put together! I also have an editable recital program that I will send via email after purchase that could not be uploaded here. Don't miss this full course of fun! 

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