Zigzag of Fifths

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What's way more fun - and easier to remember - than the circle of fifths? 

The Zigzag of Fifths!

Simply arrange the group of 3 characters (CDE) above the group of 4 (FGAB), then zigzag your way through to add sharps or flats.

Each of the following is included in 2 formats, one with note letter names and the other with Team Stickey characters:
  • A set of colorful, memorable posters to print & hang on your studio wall
  • A student worksheet 
  • A reusable student activity - know what notes are in any major or minor key just by sliding the window over the Zigzag of Fifths!
Print settings recommendation: Be sure to set the print scale to a value that leaves some margin around the print area.

* This resource is also available as an app! Find out more at https://www.stickeynotes.co/zigzag-of-fifths-app *

Would your students rather place characters on the worksheet than write in letters? No problem - download and print out characters from our At-the-piano Activities for Beginner Students resource.

Looking for complementary resources? Check out our Scale and Key Bundle, which includes the Zigzag of Fifths Manipulative Activity, Note Team Builder, and Solfa Slider.

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