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* The Solfa Slider is also available in an app! Get the Scale and SticKey music theory app on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Amazon Appstore. *

The Solfa SliderTM is a hands-on tool for use at the keyboard that makes key signatures and modes simple.

Also available as part of the Scale and Key Bundle.

To get started with the Solfa Slider:

1. Download the Solfa Slider.pdf file.

2. Print. Be sure to select "Actual size" from the print options.

3. Cut as marked.

4. Overlay and tape the last do of one strip on top of the do of the next strip.

5. Fold along the mid-line.

6. Tuck the Solfa-slider behind your keys. Line up the boxes on the slider with the keys.

7. Play up and down the keys that have a solfa note. 

Extension activities:
- Play scales in different modes by starting on different solfa tones. Flip the Solfa Slider over to see mode names.

- Practice triads using the "use-skip-use-skip-use" method: Pick a solfa tone to use as the root, skip the next solfa tone, use the next, skip the next, use the next.

- Transpose a song you know from major to minor (do is the tonic in major; la is the tonic in minor).

- Improvise using the solfa tones.

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